The graph of y=|x| is transformed as shown in the graph below. Which equation represents the transformed function?

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]y=|\frac{1}{4}x|[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:Given thattransformed graph of the parent graph y=|x|The transformed function is shown below:-We see the graph at y=1 x reaches to 4 i.e, x=4In the Same manner at y = 1 and x reaches to -4 that isx=-4Now, as per the options that are given in the question The graph would be satisfied these two points would become transformation[tex]y=|\frac{1}{4}x|[/tex]Now,At x=4[tex]y=|\frac{1}{4}x|[/tex][tex]y=|\frac{1}{4}(4)|[/tex]y = 1we can say that the point totally satisfied the equation.So, Option 1 is right that is[tex]y=|\frac{1}{4}x|[/tex]With the help of a diagram we can go through as attached.