Find three solution of equation - 4X+2Y-5=0(x,y) =(x,y) =(x,y) =

Accepted Solution

Answer:(0,2.5), (-1.25,0) and (3,8.5)Step-by-step explanation:we have[tex]-4x+2y-5=0[/tex]This is a linear equation (equation of a line)If a ordered pair is a solution of the linear equation, the the ordered pair must satisfy the linear equation1) Find the y-interceptThe y-intercept is the value of the y when the value of x is equal to zeroFor x=0substitute the value of x in the linear equation and solve for y[tex]-4(0)+2y-5=0[/tex][tex]2y=5[/tex][tex]y=2.5[/tex]The ordered pair is (0,2.5)2) Find the x-interceptThe x-intercept is the value of the x when the value of y is equal to zeroFor y=0substitute the value of y in the linear equation and solve for x[tex]-4x+2(0)-5=0[/tex][tex]-4x=5[/tex][tex]x=-1.25[/tex]The ordered pair is (-1.25,0)3) Assume any value of x or y and solve for the other variableFor x=3[tex]-4(3)+2y-5=0[/tex][tex]-12+2y-5=0[/tex][tex]2y=17[/tex][tex]y=8.5[/tex]The ordered pair is (3,8.5)