Denise and Stacey went to a carnival. The admission fee was $6 per person. Each ride at the carnival costs c dollars. The game booths charged g dollars for each game. Both Denise and Stacey went on 7 rides each. Stacey played 3 games, while Denise played 2 games. Which expression represents the total amount of money that Denise and Stacey spent at the carnival? 7c + 5g + 6 7c + 5g + 12 14c + 5g + 6 14c + 5g + 12

Accepted Solution

Let's first have a look at the admission fee, which is $6,- per person.Β 
This makes a total of $12,-
(Since 6 x 2 = 12).

Next up, the ride at the carnival. This costs c dollars.
This makes a total of 14c
(Since they have made a total of 14 rides (7 each), and we multiply it by 'c')

Finally the game boots, which costs g dollars a game.
Denise and Stacey played a total of 5 games, hence the total cost of the boots will be 5g.

The total cost will therefore be: 14c + 5g + 12
This makes the fourth answer (in your question) the correct answer.